Classification Reform: Same Content, Same Rating, Single System, Different Platform

Media convergence and the digitisation of content is providing a number of legislative and governance headaches for governments around the world. As traditional movie and TV content distribution models are eroded by the unstoppable march of the digitisation of content, the onus is not only on studios and networks to embrace change but for governments globally to update their analogue laws.

Australia has started this process in two important areas through the Convergence Review and the Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) Review into Classification.

Bush-Consulting has deep expertise in media and content policy matters and has recently drafted submissions for clients on the two reforms detailed above.

It is clear, however, that media convergence and the digitisation of content will lead to regulatory changes the question will be how widespread and will the government have the courage and foresight to set frameworks in place that work into the future rather than protect, for example, current traditional broadcast technologies.

From a Classification Reform perspective, the sheer volume of content available and the overlapping of delivery models from broadcast, the internet to physical DVDs means the current laws are out dated. Bush-Consulting has therefore developed the following framework to guide policy makers in considering reform models: